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With a number of adoption centers all over Dublin including Rathmines, Beaumount, Ballyfermot, Crumlin and Merrion Square, AdOptions Dog Adoption Agencies are finding homes for abandoned and rescued dogs. With over 700 dogs housed last year alone, we’ve been shortlisted for ISPCA’s Adoption Agency of the year awards.
We at AdOptions believe that all dogs deserve love and care and we’re dedicated to finding the perfect owner for the perfect pet. Ancient Egyptians may have worshipped cats, but we’re absolutely dog mad here!
We’re a volunteer based service so we need as many volunteers as we can get, be sure to contact us if you are interested!


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Pug puppy, 6 months old.

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Terrier mongrel 2 years old.

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Pug, 1 year old. Very friendly

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French bulldog chihuahua cross. 3 years.

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Yorkshire terrier, 4 years old.

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Border Collie, 1 year old. Loving!

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West Highland Terrier, coolest dog ever.

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